Music and education, a perfect duet?

standing ovation project

Hey there, welcome to the Standing Ovation Project, 'Empowering the youth of today'. We are glad you could join us. Today we are going to talk about how music and education work well together. Our blogs are here to touch on topics that we and our audience are passionate about, and we hope you will stay with us to read our blogs every fortnight!

Nearly everyone loves a good sing-a-long (though not everyone will admit it) whether it's singing your heart out in the shower or a karaoke session with your friends. Without music, life would be a whole lot different, right?

Since we enjoy listening to, singing and creating music so much, it makes sense to educate our youth about this great gift we have been blessed with. Hence, music education has been implemented in schools

for decades. However, recently various schools have faced cuts to their budgets meaning many schools have had to discontinue their music education programmes. This is a real shame as music education is not only enjoyable for the pupils but can benefit children's lives and education in the long-term.

Maybe you can think back to music lessons when you were at school, whether that was a couple decades ago or a few months ago. The majority of you looked forward to it, right? Granted, not all of us are musical geniuses and maybe didn't enjoy learning notes on a keyboard. But music makes us feel things and connects with emotions that we just discovering as youths. This is so essential in the child's emotional development as they find out who they are as a person.

Other aspects of a child's education are scientifically proven to be improved by music as well. For example, it can aid a child's memorization skills. Think about your favourite song. You've probably listened to it a million times and now know every word to it, even the little ad-libs in the middle. It's exactly the same with a child in music lessons. When they learn certain songs or how to play an instrument consistently, eventually they can memorize it fully and it's a natural thing for them. That ability to retain things will definitely help them in the future.

Additionally, music can keep children engaged in school and learning. It can increase their teamwork skills and build their curiosity. Another essential benefit is that their self-confidence is increased and build their pride.

The sense of achievement children can receive from learning music is something that can positively affect them for the rest of their lives and this is why we feel it is important to keep it in schools at all costs! Every child deserves this opportunity.

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