Why Community is Important


Community can be defined as 'a group of people living in the same place'. Here at Standing Ovation, we find that definition a little restrictive. We feel that community is more than just a geographical matter.

Community To Us

To us, a community is a group of people who may have things in common, such as values, identity or passions. We are social beings and that means we may like to share our feelings, beliefs, needs and etc with others. Let's discuss a few positive effects a community can have on individuals and society.


Naturally, we have a sense of belonging. It is a need, just like food and water. This need can be fulfilled by communities. Feeling that we belong and are valued by those around us can help us to see life in a positive light. We can find belonging within our family, friends, maybe over a social media platform. Having that close unit can help us to overcome hard times as we have that emotional support to get through it. Belonging to a community has been said to improve our mental and physical health. It can improve our happiness and increase our motivation to reach out for more things in life. As humans we need each other.


From when we were little children, we cared for our family, friends and neighbours. So, as we grow up, we develop a sense of togetherness with others. We depend on each other and need love and care from ones around us. This can create a stable community. In our community, we can search out people with common feelings and interests as us and relate to them. Therefore, this creates a community feeling. Sometimes, people choose to celebrate this by throwing a community festival or party.


If we are talking about communities that live in the same geographical area, they can work together to help their neighbours. Maybe a family is struggling to make ends meet. The community around them may see this and offer to make them a meal. This may seem a small gesture but it demonstrates humans looking out for one another. On a greater scale, something disastrous like a fire or natural disaster can hit the whole community. This is when it would be crucial for a community to cooperate and help each other to make sure everyone is safe and looked after. Overall, this would cause less disruption and a more effective solution to problems that arise.

'United we stand, divided we fall'. What a great quote this is to conclude our little discussion. As we have seen, a community, whether that's your neighbours, friends and family, or social media communities, they can really uplift us and see the value in our life. So let us keep in touch with our communities and looking out for them!

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