How to Improve Your Singing Voice

The majority of us as humans like to sing. A lot of us sing for the fun. Some people turn to singing lessons, yet they can be quite expensive. But guess what? You can improve your voice on your own! Here is a few ways you can do that.

A good place to start would be to identify your favourite song right now. Print out the lyrics and sing through it on repeat (make sure this is a song you enjoy as it may get repetitive). As you sing it, get to know the little differences and changes throughout

the lyrics. Using your own voice, see if you can create a unique version of the song with changes in pitch. It's important that you choose a song which is in your vocal range or else you could harm your vocal cords. But what if you are unsure of what your vocal range is? Let's see how we can identify it.

Your vocal range is range from the lowest and highest note that you can comfortably reach and sing. Got a piano in the house? This will come in handy. If not, you can use a piano/keyboard app such as Simply Piano. Try to sing along with the piano. See the highest and lowest notes you can match without your voice breaking. Sing with your chest so it's accurate. Now you've identified your range!

Strengthening your voice is important. You can do this in numerous ways. Improving your vocals isn't all about singing constantly. Try reading aloud every day for halfhour. But here's some singing again. Try singing for 30 minutes everyday. This is a safe amount of time as it will not strain your vocal cords but warm up your

vocals. Also your posture when singing has an effect on the quality of your voice. Stand up straight when singing and keep your face forward. Put your shoulders back and make sure your neck is not bent. In order to maintain a good posture throughout, try singing in front of a mirror with a side view to check your on point.

Your general health is a contributing factor to improving your voice as well. Fatigue can negatively effect your voice. Try to ensure that you get a minimum of 8 hours sleep every night. Or substitute this with small naps throughout the day. Drink water! Try 6 - 8 glasses a day. When your throat is kept hydrated it helps produce richer sounds. Try lukewarm water as surprisingly, cold water tightens up the throat. Add some lemon or honey to soothe the throat or for extra flavour. Also, smoking really irritates the vocal cords and can harm your lung capacity. This can be detrimental to the strength of your vocals.

This is only a few ways we can improve the quality of our voice. Whether you are looking to sing professionally in the future or just generally enjoy singing for the fun of it, it is a great asset of our human abilities that we should use all the time!

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