Standing Ovation

Young Gentleman's Project

We are proud to introduce one of our most popular projects, The Young Gentleman's Project. Our aim is to help young boys to be the best version of themselves.


YGP is a 10 week programme delivered in schools, here is an insight of our sessions.


The key focus of our YGP is to work with hard-to-reach pupils promoting positive role models and looking at areas around being a Young Gentleman.


Below is a session by session overview of the programme ( Impact will be measured at the end of each session.) :


• Introduction and discussion on the YGP values.Conducting individual audits highlighting personal strengths, weaknesses and areas for development.


• Qualities of a young leader – Covering areas such as, empathy, kindness, compassion, and love for others.


• Personal conduct in and out of school. Modelling responsible behaviour .


• Assigned job in school – interview training. (liaising with school staff for possible roles)


• Implementing individual strengths in and around school. Creating change amongst peers and influencing others.


• Interactive workshop on social responsibilities including preparation for public speaking.


• Certificates are presented at an assembly, once personal pledges for change within Home, School and Community, are signed off by all stakeholders. At the end of the final session the Young Gent's will earn their YGP tie, in the presents of their parents and carers.

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Let Us Shine Project

LUS is a 10 week programme delivered in schools, aiming to help the young girls, building their confidence and self-esteem. With social media being such a strong influence in young people's lives, we offer guidance on how to manage their use of this medium and to develop qualities such as, resilience, self-respect and social responsibilities. Certificates will be presented at the final session. Parents and carers are invited to join.

Leadership Coaching Project

Our experienced education consultant will conduct a personal support programme, Identifying the principles and characteristics of effective leadership. The aim of the programme is to support the individual in developing the skills and the mindset needed to create solutions to the challenges of leadership. This will also include gap tasks.


The result of the programme will be to enable the individual to achieve their personal best, to be empowered to be an effect agent for change, and become a leader that makes a difference.


The programme will be either for a 6 or 12 week period, (an hour per session) and adapted and tailored to your requests.

Motivational & Inspirational Assembly/CPD


Sessions will last a minimum of an hour including Q&A.


The sessions will be part of the assembly rota for Pupils, and CPD Programme for Teachers.


These sessions are fun and uplifting for attendees participants leave feeling encouraged a boosted to help make a difference within the world.

Aiming High Project

AHP is a 10 week programme delivered in schools.


The main focus is on aspirations, through which individuals are encouraged to think outside of the box, and given the opportunity to explore challenges in a different way, thus changing outcomes for their future.


Individuals will work on their personal short and long term goals.They will obtain the Self- Belief, and change of mindset needed to achieve their goals.


Certificates will be presented at final session. Parents and carers are invited to join.

Mentor/Pastoral Training Project

We Aim To deliver a development programme that enable individuals , with key qualities and potential, to become effective mentors .


The Process


This will be delivered through an interactive / immersive experience allowing the participants to understand the relationship between theory and practice. This will include the following:


  • Raising awareness and understanding issues.


  • School systems and strategies.


  • Interrelationships between policies , practices, and pupils.


  • Opportunities to shadow and observe practice.


  • Opportunities to work jointly with professionals and lead activities under supervision.


  • To be part of Standing Ovation future programmes in schools.


Our proposed programme and timescale:

7 sessions over a 12-week period (1 term)

Week 1 - Introductory session (3 hrs)


Week 3 - Shadowing ( 1.5 hrs)


Week 5- Shadowing ( 1.5 hrs)


Week 6 - Mid-term Review (1.5 hrs )


Week 8 - joint work ( 1.5 hrs)


Week 10 - joint work ( 1.5 hrs)


Week 12 - Final Session: / review ( 3hrs )

Successful participants will be signed up on the Standing Ovation Mentors Register to be available for advanced training and future placements in schools.

Staff & Stakeholder Forums Project

Forums are an essential vehicle for school improvement , effectiveness and the well being of all stakeholders.They create the space for staff and stakeholders to:


  • Identify issues.


  • Share perspectives & good practice.


  • Identify & explore solutions.


  • Formulate plan of action for change.


The Forums are used to address the current school challenges as well as specific areas of concern or interest . They also focus on the importance of staff’s professional development and personal well being.


The forums create a conducive environment for enhancing school work culture through:


  • Reflection.


  • Introspection.


  • Self analysis.


  • Exploration.


  • Collaboration.


  • Affirmation.


  • Empathy.


  • Empowerment.

The structure of the forums is based on the following areas:


Creative Thinking


To encourage thinking about issues and challenges in new or different ways.


Team Building


To encourage greater collaboration and deepen trust between colleagues when pursuing a common goal.


School Self Evaluation


To facilitate the process of honest reflection of current practice leading to the identification of areas for improvement.


Strategic Planning


To assist in the development of a plan of action designed to achieve long term aims.

The forums can be held between the following stakeholders:



Senior Leaders

Middle Leaders

Co ordinators

Year groups