A Simple Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

You may have heard this famous quote before, 'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted'. That was quoted by famous Greek fabulist Aesop, and he was correct! Let's explore what kindness is, how it has a positive effect on others and ourselves and why it is so worth it!

What actually is kindness? To put it simply, kindness is a positive action or deed that improves somebody's situation. The beauty of kindness is that it hasn't got to be something extreme or life-changing. It can be any small gesture and still have just as big an impact!

But what are some small things you can do to display kindness? Here are some options you can try. When you pass strangers, drop them a smile. Nine times out of ten their eyes will light up

and they will smile back. As easy as that, you have carried out an act of kindness. How about a compliment? If you like someone's outfit, tell them! That could potentially lift their mood for the rest of the day. Maybe you could make a small donation to charity. Showing an interest and listening intently to someone's problems is also an act of kindness. Purchase a little gift or create one yourself that holds sentimental value and give it to a friend or family member unexpectedly. They will really appreciate that nice thought.

They are just a few ways to be kind. Be creative and think of some more things you could do for others. But being kind can also be of benefit to yourself! Kindness has been shown to decrease stress levels. It also increases your feelings of meaning and

purpose as you are doing something nice for others. Random acts of kindness have also been proven to reduce social anxiety as it can help a person have a more positive perception of their social environment. Would you like to be a happier person? Well, being kind to others can also achieve that! This is because when you help someone else out, you can feel a sense of gratitude for your own position and current circumstances. It can also make you feel connected with people.

Don't forget to be kind to yourself! Treat yourself to a fancy outfit or a fun night out with friends. You will really start to see the positive effects of being kind to people when you practice it regularly. Kindness is contagious. When you do a nice deed for someone, this may motivate them to then to be nice to someone else, and hence causes a ripple effect where many people will receive endless amounts of kindness. We can all have a part in this! Let's make it our goal to increase the overall amount of kindness we share with the community and the world.